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Prepare your customer service for a future with artificial intelligence
BeyondGPT is the AI solution that is fully tailored to the needs of customer service employees. BeyondGPT combines the most powerful GPT and machine learning technologies on one platform. In this way, we help our customers take customer service to the next level and gain a competitive advantage.
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Why BeyondGPT
Increasing efficiency
BeyondGPT increases customer service efficiency by resolving customer inquiries and problems quickly and high-quality.
Independence of skilled workers
BeyondGPT makes a company's extensive database easily accessible and thus reduces dependency on hard-to-find top employees for service employees.
Scalable growth
BeyondGPT enables flexible growth with the needs of the business, with the option to start small and gradually expand to utilize the full capacity of the BeyondGPT platform.
Optimum results
With the ability to flexibly select the best language model for various tasks, BeyondGPT guarantees optimal results by using the most suitable technology.
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BeyondGPT is a solution developed by and for customer service employees.
Easy operation
BeyondGPT's user interface is easy for employees to use and requires minimal training. It can be used as a standalone application or completely integrated into existing systems such as SAP, Microsoft or Salesforce.com.
Data integration made easy
With the data hub, data sources such as ERP, CRM, SharePoint or ticketing systems can be easily integrated. Whether it's embedding a website or uploading a document, BeyondGPT simplifies the data integration process.
Interactive service bot
Chat with data: Users can communicate directly with their data and receive immediate answers from the service bot. It is important that the service employee also knows the source of the answer in order to verify the accuracy and offer the customer precise solutions.
Machine communication
The “Machine Interaction Suite” enables communication with machines and systems located by your customers. Production parameters are optimized by using production process and machine data in combination with machine learning algorithms. BeyondGPT helps employees to take the right measures in a targeted manner to maximize OEE for customers.
Efficient summaries
Long documents or conversations are quickly summarized to provide customers with a short version. Customer phone calls are also automatically transcribed, summarized and sent as a log by email.
HR assistant for quick answers
The HR assistant efficiently answers administrative inquiries on topics such as expense regulations or vacation days. He also provides utilization forecasts and information about customers with high ticket volumes by accessing the knowledge anchored in the data.
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“BeyondGPT allows you to freely choose the Large Language Model (LLM), whether OpenAI or an open-source model. Our platform adapts by always choosing the LLM that delivers optimal results for the respective area of application.”
Rene Berger
VP Engineering, Parkside Beyond
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GPT for service workers in engineering and high-tech companies
In this webinar, we present BeyondGPT — our GPT-based solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of customer service employees. BeyondGPT combines the most powerful GPT and machine learning technologies on one platform. In this way, we help customer service organizations reach the next level of efficiency, customer experience and professional independence.
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Mar 26, 2024
9:30 am
Armin Ribis
Philipp Danninger
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