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GPT transformation in service: How a market-leading special machine manufacturer increases customer satisfaction

BeyondGPT in customer service
mechanical engineering
BeyondGPT in customer service


Our customer is a market-leading manufacturer of special machines for the food industry. The 15 service centers — which are spread around the world — serve numerous customers via a multi-level service organization. In 1st level support, you are confronted with the problem of inefficiency in finding solutions, a high fluctuation rate and an increasing shortage of skilled workers. The aim was to provide 1st level support staff with a GPT-based tool to be able to access the company's data and thus knowledge quickly and effectively. In order to significantly increase efficiency in finding solutions, to relieve the service organization and to speed up the process for customers.


  • Implementation of a PoC based on machine-related documentation
  • Preparation of a business proposal and ROI calculation for the introduction of a global BeyondGPT system with advanced functions (e.g. search and validation of GPT-based answers, preparation of summaries, speech to text,...)
  • Development of a pilot for a local service organization (~4,000 documents), its validation and implementation of global roll-out planning

Business benefits

  • Higher efficiency in incident processing (faster in finding solutions and higher resolution rate at 1st level)
  • ROI for the pilot system = 6 months
  • Solution to the shortage of skilled workers through the option to use “non-experts” at 1st level
  • Higher customer satisfaction through faster solution finding and higher accuracy