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Leap in efficiency in pasta production through machine learning

Demand forecast
Food & Beverages
Demand forecast


Our customer is a leading international company in the production and sale of pasta. The methods used so far to prepare sales and sales forecasts have led to unsatisfactory results. The deviation of IST figures from forecasts was significant, the effort required to prepare ongoing forecasts was high and overproduction led to high inventories and waste volumes. The goal was to automate the forecasting process more with the help of machine learning and significantly increase the accuracy of forecasts.


  • Carrying out a predictability check based on historical sales data
  • Concept for an AI-based demand forecasting solution
  • Data consolidation and cleansing
  • Implementation of the machine learning model based on historical sales data, CRM data and various market statistics.
  • Integration of the AI model into the IT environment (data integration and BI frontend)
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization of the AI solution

Business benefits

  • Reducing overproduction through more accurate sales forecasts
  • Reducing inventories and waste volumes
  • Forecast suggestions are available at any time at the push of a button. Less planning effort in all departments.