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GPT in use: How an insurance company digitizes its consulting expertise

BeyondGPT in consulting
Financial Services
BeyondGPT in consulting


Our customer is a company specialized in commercial insurance. Insurance solutions are complex products and require in-depth knowledge of legislation, risk assessment of infrastructure assets and knowledge of clients' industry specifics. The challenge was to make the knowledge and expertise of individuals available to the entire consulting organization. The aim was to establish GPT as a central knowledge platform, to integrate all relevant data sources and to make access to knowledge as easy as possible for employees.


  • Implementation of a PoC based on selected documents. Comparing the quality of different GPT solutions (ChatGPT and open source LLM`s)
  • Implementation of a pilot system (Microsoft Azure, OpenAI) for branch employees and validation over a period of 6 months

Business benefits

  • Significantly faster in processing standard customer inquiries
  • faster and better in risk assessment
  • Increasing employee motivation (more successful with BeyondGPT)