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From data to decisions: How machine learning is shaping the future of the solar industry

Sales forecasting
Sales forecasting


Our customer is a well-known international manufacturer and supplier in the solar sector. The previous sales and revenue planning was carried out in an intensive bottom-up and top-down process. Forecasts were prepared monthly and the effort for the sales organization was immense. At the same time, the deviations of actual sales from forecasts were significant, meaning that efficient procurement, production and personnel planning was not possible. The aim was to develop an ML-based forecasting model and to integrate various internal/external data sources into the model.


  • Implementation of a PoC based on historical sales data
  • Concept for an end-to-end forecasting solution (data — ML model — BI integration)
  • Implementation of the machine learning model based on historical sales data, CRM data and external market statistics (GDP, construction data)
  • Integrate the AI model into PowerBI for analysis

Business benefits

  • Increasing forecast accuracy down to article level
  • Increasing efficiency in supply chain management through to HR planning
  • Significant reduction in planning costs for the sales organization