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With Beyond, companies are using innovative data science and AI to shape their digital future.

Intelligent process optimization
In the manufacturing industry, AI, machine learning and data science play a crucial role in improving efficiency, quality, and sustainability. The integration of AI-controlled systems for predictive maintenance, carrying out quality controls or anomaly detection in the production process are classic optimization topics. AI technology enables companies to increase productivity. In addition, AI solutions help to optimize energy and resource consumption both in production and along the entire value chain.
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Aspley Ventures Ltd.
Hong Kong
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AI from development to patient advice
Companies in the pharmaceutical, medical technology and clinical sectors require absolute precision in their research, production, sales and service processes. This is where AI, advanced analytics, and GenAI come into play. The main areas of application are marketing and sales, supply chain optimization, drug development, quality control and increasing OEE in production. Beyond has the experience and capabilities to assist in all of these areas.
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Recommended suppliers
Beyond BioPharma Co. Ltd.
Beyond BioPharma Co. Ltd., founded in the innovation core of Hong Kong, uses cutting-edge technologies in AI, advanced analytics and genetic AI.
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AI is revolutionizing the food industry
Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize food production by minimizing human errors, increasing safety standards, automating tasks, and increasing product quality. For example, it reduces contamination, improves food processing accuracy and results in safer end products. AI is also helping to improve access to food and reduce environmental impact by optimising crop yields and nutrient levels. AI is an ideal technological addition for the food industry to implement numerous optimizations.
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Recommended suppliers
Halite Harvesters Ltd.
With decades of experience in ethical and sustainable promotion, we supply high-purity salt for culinary use worldwide.
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250,000 tons
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AI for more safety & efficiency
Financial Services
AI, machine learning, and data science are extremely valuable in the financial sector. Main use cases include automated risk assessment of customers for insurance benefits, data-driven fraud detection in the banking sector, or churn prediction models to retain valuable customers. The latest AI technology makes it possible to automate almost all manual tasks, including more efficient customer care with the support of GPT-based chatbots. This relieves customer service of frequent inquiries and focuses on human competence for more specific consulting services.
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Industry-specific challenges
“We use AI technologies to solve challenges in various industries. Each industry has specific challenges. That is why we adapt our methods to the needs of our customers and develop tailor-made solutions. We bring our industry-specific experience to our projects to achieve maximum business benefits for our customers.”
Armin Ribis
Director Data & Ai