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AI development

Shaping data. Gain insights.
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Discover the transformative power of data with our tailored data science services. From implementing accurate statistical and machine learning models to generating powerful insights, we're with you every step of the way to data-driven excellence.
Statistical & ML model implementation
Our focus is on developing and implementing tailor-made models based on structured data such as time series and tabular data. From classic statistical methods to complex machine learning algorithms, we offer you solutions that provide precise forecasts and can identify patterns in your data.
Insight generation & decision optimization
We help you gain valuable insights from your data that can help you improve your decision making. By analyzing and visualizing data, we identify trends, patterns, and relationships that give you new insights into your business.
Data preprocessing & feature engineering
Discover the data-driven future with generative AI. We use leading technologies based on structured and unstructured data (texts, images or videos) to develop tailor-made solutions. Let us help you bring your visions to life and enrich your projects with unprecedented precision and creativity
The indispensable role of AI in the future of corporate strategy
“We emphasize the critical role of AI and data processing as the cornerstones of today's business world, essential for features such as customer loyalty forecasting and predictive maintenance. Companies must fully utilize the enormous potential of their data. In addition, it is essential that AI is seen as an integral part of every digital strategy, and digital applications should include at least data science and AI references.”
Armin Fanzott
Head of Data Science & Ai
Portrait Armin Fanzott
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Parkside® Beyond transforms your data into tangible business success through customized AI solutions.