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AI Strategy

From inspiration to a specific AI project.
Creating an effective, customized AI & Data Roadmap.
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Let us identify the best AI use cases to invest the money in the right places. Together with you, we draw up a clear plan and create a solid basis so that you are one of the leading companies in your market in the long term.
Benefit-oriented AI solutions
Your organization's priorities and AI strategy should have the same thrust. With a clear understanding of how AI can move your business forward, we only focus on high-business value initiatives supported by stakeholders.
Identify AI lighthouses
From prioritizing AI use cases to choosing appropriate technologies, building the team, and establishing a data management system, we develop a clear roadmap for growth, scalability, and data-based decision-making.
Raise your AI maturity level

We help you assess your AI maturity level by analyzing your capabilities, experience, and data infrastructure. From this, we identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for your company. We take this as a basis to develop the appropriate AI & data strategy with you.
Our process
01. Inspire
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Our introductory presentation on artificial intelligence (AI) provides a comprehensive insight into the world of AI technology and its potential applications in your industry. By presenting practical examples from your specific field of work, we demonstrate how AI is already having a significant impact today and what potential it has for the future.

During the presentation, we not only discuss the theoretical concepts behind AI, but also focus on concrete procedures that are decisive for implementing successful AI projects. From data collection and preprocessing to model development and implementation, we will show you the decisive steps on the way to a successful AI project. In doing so, we consider technical aspects as well as organizational and ethical issues.

We pay particular attention to identifying the components that are important for the success of your individual AI projects. We discuss strategies for selecting suitable data sources, developing powerful AI models, and integrating these models into your existing systems and processes.

We cordially invite you to be inspired by the possibilities of AI and to shape the future of your organization together.
02. Focus
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The executive briefing is a decisive step on the way to integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into your company. In this workshop, together with managers, we determine the direction in which areas you would like to identify and use the application potential of AI.

During the executive briefing, we first analyze the current challenges and opportunities in your company and in your industry. We identify potential areas of application in which AI technologies can offer significant added value, whether in process optimization in sales, production or in the supply chain.

Together, we develop clear goals and defined criteria for the success of AI initiatives. In doing so, we not only consider the technological options, but also organizational and cultural aspects that are important for the successful implementation of AI.

The executive briefing serves as a starting point for developing a tailor-made AI strategy that is precisely tailored to the needs and goals of your company.
03. Envision
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Identifying and evaluating AI use cases requires thorough collaboration with the right stakeholders in your organization. In this process, we work closely with relevant departments and decision makers to understand the key pain points and challenges that your company is facing. At the same time, we contribute our practical experience and examples from your industry.

In this way, we identify areas where AI solutions can offer significant added value. Based on a list of criteria, we check the feasibility of the AI use cases and their potential contribution to achieving your business goals. We consider technological aspects, financial profitability and the impact on existing processes and structures.

The result of this phase is a shortlist of AI use cases that offer the greatest potential to generate real added value for the company. This list serves as a starting point for continuing to develop and prioritize AI projects to ensure that your investments in AI deliver maximum value and help your organization on the path to success.
04. Propose
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Creating a business proposal for the most attractive AI use cases is the last step to help management make decisions with well-founded information. In this proposal, the benefits, investments and procedures for each identified AI use case are described in detail.

In particular, the business benefits of the AI use case are examined in detail and the numerical value contribution is determined. Here, we also use benchmarks from other projects in order to have as valid a basis for the calculation as possible.

The investments required to implement the AI use case are detailed. This includes financial resources as well as the required personnel capacities and technological infrastructure. We show what costs can be expected for the development, implementation and maintenance of the AI solution and how they relate to the expected benefits (ROI).

In addition, a project plan is developed which describes the individual project steps, the time frame as well as the employees involved and their roles.

The business proposal serves as a basis for management to decide on how to prioritize and release resources for the most promising AI initiatives. It helps companies to unlock the full potential of AI and to effectively achieve strategic goals.
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