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AI-powered demand forecasting solution increases efficiency

Demand & Product Planning
Food & Beverages
Demand & Product Planning


With over 800 employees and 5,000 partners in retail partners, our customer is a leading manufacturer of baked goods in Europe. Previous production planning was based on expert forecasts and the deviations from actual market demand were too high to guarantee efficient production. This led to over or under production and supply chain challenges. With the help of historical data, a machine learning model should be trained at article level, which automatically provides precise predictions of future demand. The AI model should be seamlessly integrated into existing production planning software.


  • PoC and concept for an AI-based demand forecasting solution
  • Data consolidation and cleansing
  • Implementation of the machine learning model based on historical sales data
  • Integration of the AI model into production planning software
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization of the AI solution

Business benefits

  • Reducing overproduction through more accurate sales forecasts
  • Higher delivery capacity with lower inventory
  • Significant reduction in planning costs for employees